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Intrinsic Alchemy


Awaken & embody your fullest potential.


Cacao ceremonies

Learn how to hold Cacao ceremonies and provide a sacred space for attendees.

Facilitate with Cacao

1:1 Sessions

Each of these offerings will invite you deeper within your Self to get honest, heal & alchemize your Life into your most wild & limitless potential. 


Fire Dancing

Dancing with fire is a spiritual & empowering experience; providing us with the opportunity to dance with our fears, step into our power and embrace our authentic expression.

Vegetable Garden

herbal medicine

Herbs offer potent medicine and should be honored & used with respect, integrity and intention. 

Earth, Moon & Sun 


Micro-dose Mentorship


A personalized, intentional approach to Micro-dosing with consistent support and guidance to inspire the transmutation of limiting patterns into clarity, purpose and Love.   

Lexi takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to microdosing, combining it within an extensive framework for transformation to help you catalyze lasting, positive change.

About Us

YOU are your own medicine.


Intrinsic Alchemy is the process of transmuting limited belief systems, habits and patterns into the EMBODIMENT of our true, infinite nature that is limitless, liberated & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 


It is my highest mission to facilitate the awakening of humanity to remember who we truly are, to be stewards of the Earth, so that we may re-connect to our divinity. 

These offerings are rooted in ancient earth wisdom, shamanism and yogic philosophy. 

All of my efforts are to assist people to see what they already are, to love and honor what they already have, and to embrace all that is with love and compassion by lifting the veil of darkness that has been keeping us stagnant and in illusion. 


Together we Rise.


With eternal Love and gratitude,


Image by Etienne Delorieux

Client Testimonials


"After leaving the state of my mental health in the hands of Lexi's magical truffles, I will never look back. My past is full of traumas and abuse which led me to be on antidepressants for at least 4 years, leaving me feeling numb, empty and feeling like I had 0 self worth. I was at wits end and something brought me to Lexi. This woman has helped to completely change my life for the better. Her truffles allowed me to stop taking medication that was doing no good for my mental state and opened my eyes to a new way of living. I'm able to feel my emotions and connect with myself to the fullest. I truly began to love myself again and have learned to see the world in so many new perspectives and for this I am forever grateful."


- Briana C

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