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An intensive microdose mentorship program

Micro-Dose Intensive

This is an opportunity for pure transformation to take root in your life. This is for those who are serious about their spiritual evolution, who are ready to commit to a spiritual life and who have the willpower to surrender. 


Art Work By Davey Joe Bonessi

Art Work By Davey Joe Bonessi 


A Fully Integrated Approach to Micro-Dosing

 Lexi takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to microdosing, combining it within an extensive framework for transformation to help you catalyze lasting, positive change. 


When we un-condition and reprogram our minds with psilocybin we transmute habits and patterns on a neurological level. We are literally and physically re-wiring our brain.

Thousands of scientific reports point towards the multitude of microdosing benefits–everything from enhanced creativity, more mental agility, improved focus and productivity, and the potential to help treat depression, anxiety, ptsd, addiction, dementia and other forms of neuropathies. 

Re-Birthing Breathwork

Rebirthing Breathwork is a healing modality that uses conscious connected breathing which induces deep relaxation and an expanded state of consciousness. 

This altered state of consciousness allows for a more expanded perspective with added objectivity and neutrality. This combination allows the person to feel safe enough so that unresolved emotions and memories come to the surface. Breathing moves energy and transforms whatever sensations and feelings arise. 

The subconscious mind holds on to trauma within the body and acts out the trauma within our day to day habits and actions. With the support of breath work we may become clear and purified. This deep work has the potential to support the power of the micro-dose regimen, amplify and maximize its benefits and bring your healing and transformation to the next level. 



 Self-inquiry reveals what you are not so that your true Self becomes clear. Here you will be offered the knowledge and practices necessary to realize the nature of mind, the universe and the true Self. Depending on your temperament and needs we will create together a way of life that provides the tools needed to not only discover and live your life's purpose, but to build healthy relationships in every aspect of your life, especially with your own body and mind. These tools can help to cultivate the strength and confidence to move through life's challenges with grace and to trust in Life.

Path of zero is a way of living in deep connection with all aspects of life. From the way we interact, experience and influence the world, to our inner experience with our own thoughts and feelings. Learning that the inner world and outer world are actually not separate; developing this awareness and confirming this is a tremendous aid in living a happy and fulfilled life.​

Meet The Team


Hardy Patel
Breath-work Facilitator

Hardy is a Rebirthing Breath Work Facilitator and conscious creator. He will be holding space for you and guiding you deep within to heal unresolved trauma. 

Hardy Patel is the founder of Pranic Evolution. 


Lexi Mucci
Micro-Dose Specialist

Lexi is a Micro-Dose specialists and Integration Guide. Lexi will be your support system and guide through out this journey so that you may get the most out of the experience and fully integrate the lessons and insights into your every day life. 

Lexi is the founder of Intrinsic Alchemy. 

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Davey Joe
Guide to the Self

Davey Joe lives and breathes yogic philosophy and is the embodiment of Truth. He will point you toward Truth, by bringing awareness and clarity to what is NOT truth. Davey Joe is the founder of Path of Zero. 

Path of Zero

Are you ready to commit to your spiritual evolution and live a life full of JOY and PURPOSE? 

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