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Cacao Ceremonies

Theobroma Cacao

"The Food of the Gods" 

Cacao is divine heart medicine for the collective and has been gaining popularity due to its gentle abilities to harmonize our heart with nature and the divine.


Cacao ceremonies originally served as religious rituals for the ancient Native Mesoamerican cultures. Originally discovered by the Olmecs in 1500 B.C. and a staple in the Mayan and Aztec cultures for centuries. Cacao had a place in these empires as a sacred, elite and ritualistic plant. The ancient cultures provide insight into a life more intertwined with nature and spirit. 

It is my deep honor to share all the heart centered wisdom, knowledge and Love I have received from my ancestors, guides and plant medicines, with You. If you feel the call to serve, sit with, or get to know Cacao in a more intimate way, this training is for you. 

By the end of this facilitators training you will have the tools to begin offering Cacao Ceremonies of your own in a sacred way with respect to our ancestors and Cacao medicine. 

1:1 Cacao Ceremonial Training: $555

(3 week immersion/ online or in person)


Group Ceremonial Training: $222 pp

Create your own intimate group or stay tuned for upcoming trainings.

(2 week immersion/ online or in peron)

4ppl or more required


Become a Cacao Facilitator and Sacred space holder. 

Create a business and make an income sharing the Sacred Medicine of Cacao. 

*Includes 1 lb of Ceremonial Grade Cacao. 

Cacao has been used in sacred ceremony for centuries. Cacaosita has been used to create space during marriage ceremonies due to its ability to increase fertility, used as a tool to lift the spirits of the soon to be sacrificed in the Aztec kingdom, as a part of the baptism ceremony and the birth of the child. Cacao in the ancient Americas was used in virtually any ceremony of importance. The modern Cacao Ceremony has been birthed out of the same ideas of the ancient cultures, being tools for rejuvenation, heart healing, empowerment, self love and self-discovery. 

What you will learn: 

-How to guide ceremony with respect & integrity to Cacao and our ancestors.


-How to hold Cacao ceremonies and provide a sacred space for attendees.


-Cacao lineage and history. 

-Rituals to honor the elements and the divine.

-Conscious communication


-How to show up for your Self and others.


-authentically from the heart space. 

-Overcoming fears and embodying our divine purpose. 


-How to create an altar. 


-How to prepare Cacao/ different recipes.


-The medicinal properties of Cacao. 

-Sacred Cacao Medicina Song.


-About the importance of using ceremonial grade Cacao, how to open ceremony with your own authentic expression and feel confident using your voice, and other important information to be a conscious facilitator of cacao medicine! 

You will receive a certification at the end of the training after giving Lexi a demo Cacao Ceremony. 



Cacao Ceremony with Lexi


Book a Cacao Ceremony for an event or party and choose your unique experience

What does your ideal Cacao Ceremony entail?!

Choose 2 of the options below. 

Cacao Ceremony with: 

1. Ecstatic dance

2. Live Music 

3. Sound healing 

4. Reiki healing circle 

5. Cacao education


1:1 Sessions

Each of these offerings will invite you deeper within your Self to get honest, heal & alchemize your Life into your most wild & limitless potential. 


Fire Dancing

Dancing with fire is a spiritual & empowering experience; providing us with the opportunity to dance with our fears, step into our power and embrace our authentic expression.

Tropical Leaves

herbal medicine

Herbs offer potent medicine and should be honored & used with respect, integrity and intention. 


Cacao ceremonies

Learn how to hold Cacao ceremonies and provide a sacred space for attendees.

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