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Goddess Rising

Are you ready to embrace your true essence that is sovereign, wild and free? 


Are you ready to cultivate a loving relationship with your Self by becoming aware of the ways in which you are holding your Self back? 


Are you ready to release patterns, addictions and habits that are not serving you and gain clarity on your purpose in this life? 



Are you ready to embody your highest expression, heal your Self and reclaim your divine power? 



If you said YES to any of these then you are in the right place. 



1:1 Training

Do you hear your ancestors call? 

Are you ready to rise into your role as a leader to guide and empower others on their journey?

 Lexi has created this mentorship to empower more sovereign leaders to hold sacred space and create harmony on the planet. 

All are welcome to take this training and ignite the wild and divine feminine essence within.

Wild Wombxn Awakening Training:

Give Birth to your Self

$777 for the month training with 1lb of Cacao included


No matter where you are on your journey- this offering is for you. 

This is an activation- to awaken, cultivate and embody the wildest parts of you while learning about the power of the divine feminine, ceremonies and sensual embodiment practices.


For far too long the Divine feminine within us all has been oppressed and now more than ever the world needs her. Within us all is the divine feminine essence, and it is time to embrace her and allow her to be seen. She is the divine maidin, enchantress, High priestess, witch, mother and grandmother, she is all phases of the moon, she is ever changing and her essence is wild and free.


The suppression of our sensuality is directly linked to our throat chakra and power center (womb space). No matter who you are, we all have an energetic womb space that is our power center allowing us to birth ideas and bring creation into the physical plane. 

What you will receive: 

-You will be guided through a combination of energetic healing, womb cleansing, somatic movement, sensual embodiment, breath work, herbal medicine and abhyanga massage; to cultivate a loving relationship with your physical body and bring unresolved trauma to the surface. 


-You will gain self love rituals that you can practice on your own so that you may heal yourself and stay consistent with your sensual embodiment practice in the comfort of your own home.

-You will learn how to guide others in these Self Love rituals. 

-You will step into your role as an empowerment coach and leader.

--You will learn about Cacao and how to hold sacred space. 

-During this program you will birth your Self as a ceremonial space holder and embody your highest light.

It is essential that we heal ourselves so that we may hold space for others to heal themselves. No-one can heal you. Only you can do that. 


With consistency we can transform life times of ancestral wounds and RISE in LOVE together.

You will embody the wise leader and hold space to awaken the Wild Woman within others. 


Monthly mentorship with Mushroom Support.
$777 with micro-dose subscription included 

Are you ready to be the creator of this life- rather than being a puppet to societal & ancestral conditioning? 

Are you ready to release limited beliefs and transform them into ABUNDANCE?

The sacrifice required may feel huge at first- releasing addictions, relationships, attachments, jobs, opportunities and so on but it is SO WORTH IT- to embody your HIGHEST POTENTIAL.  

Are you ready to SURRENDER to the guidance of the divine with NO HESITATION? 

As you let go of habits, thought patterns, people and addictions you will create space for your purpose to become clear and for more abundance than you ever imagined possible to take root and blossom in your life. 

I speak from a place of experience.

Releasing my addiction to drugs, alcohol, people and beliefs changed my life and OPENED me up to DIVINE ABUNDANCE. 

If you are looking for a SIGN to release that thing you are addicted to (even if it's a person) then THIS IS IT.

Do not fear the unknown.
Do not even hesitate.

✨Trust the guidance of your Soul 

During this program: 

✨We create a micro dose program for you, with a full ayurvedic regimen; movement, breath work, meal plans, massage and energy work.

✨We work together in increments of a month to transform limiting habits and belief systems into ABUNDANCE.

✨ Abundance in the form of SELF LOVE, money, infinite expansion, embodiment of truth and LIBERATION.

If you are READY to release addiction and embody your highest potential than this mentorship program is for you. 

There is no more time to waste, if you are ready- than answer the call

Trust & Remember-
You are already abundant. 
You are already THAT. 
& You are WORTH IT✨

Get ready to RECEIVE.


1:1 Sessions

Each of these offerings will invite you deeper within your Self to get honest, heal & alchemize your Life into your most wild & limitless potential. 


Fire Dancing

Dancing with fire is a spiritual & empowering experience; providing us with the opportunity to dance with our fears, step into our power and embrace our authentic expression.

Tropical Leaves

herbal medicine

Herbs offer potent medicine and should be honored & used with respect, integrity and intention. 


Cacao ceremonies

Learn how to hold Cacao ceremonies and provide a sacred space for attendees.

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