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Micro-Dosing Guidance, Support & Mentorship Program 


A personalized, intentional approach to Micro-dosing with consistent support and guidance to inspire the transmutation of limiting patterns into clarity, purpose and Love.   

A fully integrated approach to Micro-Dosing

 Lexi takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to microdosing, combining it within an extensive framework for transformation to help you catalyze lasting, positive change.
Imagine microdosing as a tool for personal & spiritual development.
The tool itself is excellent; however, if you combine it with shadow work, setting boundaries, movement, breath-work and coaching can lead to remarkable results.

Wild Mushrooms

Are you ready for a complete upgrade? 

When we un-condition and reprogram our minds with psilocybin we transmute habits and patterns on a neurological level. We are literally and physically re-wiring our brain.

Thousands of scientific reports point towards the multitude of microdosing benefits–everything from enhanced creativity, more mental agility, improved focus and productivity, and the potential to help treat depression, anxiety, ptsd, addiction, dementia and other forms of neuropathies. 

Wild Mushrooms

1:1 Micro-Dose Mentorship
with Lexi 




Clarity is key to ensuring your psychedelic experience has an impact and meaning in your life.
We will evaluate every single area of your life (body, mind, spirit, community and environment, love, wisdom, creativity, purpose and productivity).

Then we will choose one clear intention for each area. A clear intention for this experience will amplify the benefits, as well as starting each day in a mindful and grateful way. 

Once we have clarified your intention and set benchmarks, Lexi will help you customize your psychedelic protocol. 


This micro-dose protocol includes a specific regimen for You-

1. how often you will consume the medicine and what time of day.

2. The specific dosing for you. 

3. How long (1 month at least.) 


This regimen will be tailored to your individual intention and intake from the "preparation" phase to ensure the optimization of the medicine. You will receive guidance and support throughout the "experience" in combination with yoga, movement, morning rituals, self love practices, breath work, nourishment and coaching. 

Both in person and over the phone sessions with text support. 


Entheogens or psychoactive substances- should be consumed with intention & the utmost respect with focus on how one integrates the experience, messages and insights consistently in their everyday lives. 

Lexi believes the integration phase is essential to embodying the wisdom of the mushrooms that is brought into our conscious awareness throughout the experience. 


Integration is how we may fully harness the maximum healing and transformational properties from this deep process.



Our medicine is perfectly dosed out and intentionally created in combination with a multitude of medicinal mushrooms, Cacao, roots and spices based on scientific research to optimize the potency of our medicine and the way it works on the brain.

We offer different Cacao Truffle Micro-Dose subscriptions based on our 1:1 consultation. 

*Our medicine does not contain psychoactive ingredients. Only medicinal mushrooms to support brain and heart health.

Set up a phone call consultation to get a customized micro-dose subscription.

We also offer Medicinal Cacao Truffle's and the Mystic Mushroom Cacao Blend (an alternative to coffee.) 


Our medicine is made with 100% ceremonial grade Cacao, home grown mushrooms that are prayed over, organic lion's mane, cordyceps, chaga, reishi, moringa, maca root, mucuna, coconut oil or MCT powder, maple syrup, love and reiki. 

All of our medicine is created with the intention to support brain and heart health, increase immunity, enhance mood, focus, and re-wire the brain for a holistic approach to over-all transformation and evolution.


Intrinsic Alchemy is for informational, educational and self-development purposes only, and does not intend to substitute professional treatment from (mental) healthcare professionals. If you are seeking medical advice, diagnose, or treatment, we advise you to consult a medical professional or healthcare provider. Lastly, none of our medicine contains psychoactive ingredients, only medicinal mushrooms.

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