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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Hello Gods & Goddesses! I am so excited to be back in New York for the summer (after moving to Costa Rica)! In Costa Rica, I have cultivated a sacred space to connect with other women and help other's to heal. With my time here in New York, I will be cultivating different groups and holding space for healings at different events. I've partnered with one of my friends who is also in Costa Rica to host a sacred retreat here in Patchogue.

We are so excited to announce the itinerary for the Blooming Warrior Retreat with Lexi Mucci and Alicia Munian!

Through our sacred extended weekend together, we will be stepping into our highest power through workshops, ceremonies, ecstatic dances, marketing classes, and plant medicine experiences.

This sacred event will be hosted in Patchogue New York. Due to the demand, we have decided to open this retreat to men as well.

You will walk away from this sacred container:

-Empowered in your business

-Ready to launch your offerings

-With an extended knowledge of content creation

-Tuned in to your highest power

-Embodied with your inner warrior.

We have several options available for this retreat to accommodate to everyone’s different needs. There are options to just pop in for one day, or to fully immerse yourself in the entire retreat.

Click this link to see the different options we've made available to you!

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