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"MEN LET US HEAL, all the wrong doings we’ve put forth against woman, holding them back from beautifying this world. Let us heal ourselves right out in the open.

By honoring the feminine today and everyday we by default offer the greatest honor to our children as well and even ourselves as men, for we are made strong only to keep them safe, and to be pillars for them to stand on.

Within all of us are traces of the past that we may not even be aware of.

We however have the power to bring awareness to thought patterns, latent beliefs or tendencies that puts down the feminine presence even within our own bodies.

Let this intention to purify not just for ourselves but for all, trace back and ripple through time eternally- that here now, men of our time stand in integrity and take responsibility for the deeds done in ignorance.

Healing the bloodline as part of our purpose here in this generation; we’ve emerged from the dark age. Experiencing in our time a residue of an old and dying paradigm, let us take the responsibility to redeem our history, and claim a UNIFIED FUTURE- freeing the world from a fragmented, dualistic competitive environment to a reality that is deeply connected, honest, humble and FIERCE IN WISDOM.

Witness the strength, integrity, humility of the coming generation.

We are here to represent all men for all time, whether they may agree or not.

Our strength is in knowing and expressing our unity. This is what the entire universe is built on, and it is an immense power. This power is what supports this movement, this is what we are getting back to.

The intention is that this moment of humility healing and honoring echo throughout existence.

We plant a mark on this land that sustains our intentions here for all time!

The evolution of men is in a deep honoring of all woman! I can feel the the men of our time are strong and humble enough, and ready for this level of core healing."

May we stop sexualizing women’s bodies and start respecting & honoring them.

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