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Reclaiming our sexual expression from thousands of years of oppression does not need an explanation & deserves RESPECT.

We should not have to recoil our sexuality for safety.

Our sexuality is home to our divine POWER!!! Why do you think we have been conditioned to repress it for so long?

Lets get clear- the female breast is not for your entertainment but provides sustenance for a baby to survive.

It’s not my sexuality and expression that needs to diminish.

The belief that a women who expresses her sexuality or exposes her body is giving you permission to objectify her- is what needs to be demolished.

We are all sexual beings. We must normalize the naked body and respect it for the LIFE CREATING FORCE that it is.

Our bodies are sacred. Our sexualities are sacred.

Can you view the NAKED female body with respect, as you would a DIVINE MOTHER?

Can you view a women dressed up in fishnets with respect?

Expressing our sexuality in whatever way we wish is our birth right.

Women shouldn’t have to fear for our life or be judged for wearing what we want or expressing ourselves the way we want.

The collective needs to bring awareness to instinctual nature, have the will power to control sexual urges and desires and direct them toward creativity, instead of de-humanizing behavior toward women.

We are creation in manifest form. Let’s start seeing each other for the truth of all that we are- infinite potential & GOD/DESS incarnate.

Be ready, the time is now.

This is just the beginning of the Rise of the Divine Feminine.

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