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The Manipulative Tricks of the Mind!

Our past experiences influence our current reality.

What if we put the past aside and view everything as it is, without condition or a program present to shift our perspective.

Can we view everything in a new way, like we are experiencing it for the very first time?

Can we allow each feeling to arise without resistance?

Can we love without fear or expectation?

Can we be fully present, now?

May we embrace what is, let go of what was, and trust what is to come.

I remember a few years ago I had a completely warped idea of what Love was, I thought Love was controlling and slightly abusive… and thought that if my partner wasn’t treating me that way- he didn't truly love me.

This is an example of how our past experiences can warp our perception of reality if we are not consciously aware.

Another example would be my addiction to drugs and alcohol. Whenever I would be belligerent, I would be praised and liked. So my ignorant perception of my addiction was that it gave me value and without it I would lose all capacity of being liked and respected.

These are a few vast examples of how the past may influence your perception of life and relationships, but this exact manipulative quality of the mind is weaved within the most subtle aspects of our life as well, down to our everyday habits.

The thought that “I don't have enough time to dedicate to my well-being because work is more important than my mental health” Is an example of this same manipulative tendency of the mind due to societal or familial conditioning and expectation. That exact thought is deemed as respectable and responsible in our culture. They want you to put money and your career before your SELF so that they can remain in control. THIS IS FUCKED and NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO OUR AWARENESS.

The same tendency of the mind will question the previous statement and say “But we won’t be able to survive if we quit our job and just do whatever our heart yearns for, it's too dangerous to live like that. We need a pension, my father will judge me, I’ll never be successful” - LIES! This is NOT TRUTH. Stop living a miserable life because someone might judge you, or you're not sure what's going to happen. You deserve to live a joyful life. Don’t allow someone else's ideals of what your life should be, keep you miserable.

It was not until I quit my full time job (making 40,000 a year) that I surrendered fully to the unknown and to God, simultaneously. That was a monumental step toward trusting my Self, claiming my power, and unconditioning the patterns of my lineage so that I could purify not only myself but all who came before me, and all that will come after.

So I ask you, to ask yourself- what habitual tendencies and thought patterns have been running your life?

It takes a great degree of COURAGE to look honestly at one self. However, Once you do.. Your life changes forever.

You can not UNSEE what you have seen.

So, constantly inquire within.

Who is that?

Is that the mind playing tricks on me again or is it the ULTIMATE TRUTH?

It's up to you to cultivate the awareness, to simply- inquire.

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