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Sacred Convergence Collective

Sacred Convergence:

“Roaming about town,
the master was holding a light, saying, ‘I am weary of the demons and the beasts;
a human is what I am longing for’
The human cannot be found;
we have searched!
‘What cannot be found
is what I am longing for!’

Although poor and needy
I will not accept small pieces of ruby.
The mine of the finest rubies
is what I am longing for!

One hand holding a cup of wine,
and the other, the curls of the beloved. A dance like this, in the middle
of the circle, is what I am longing for.”


“How I have longed for you. My very own. Look no further, for the family beyond your family, the relationship beyond all other relationships, the great love that unveils all other loves to be mere reflections of the one great and true love, is here. For you. Now.

It is I who has sought you through the stirrings of your own heart. Yes, ’twas I, hidden beneath every secret, yearning for something more, something full, something special, something all encompassing. Behind every yearning, always, I have hidden. Now I show myself to you, that you may become so filled with the same passionate devotion that I hold for you, that your mind will fall away, overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of love tossed into an ocean of silent unending bliss.

Come to me,. we are to be one now. In sacred convergence of silent, eternal passion.”

“Sacred Convergence indicates a coming together of souls in alignment with a greater cause. This greater cause is both personal and impersonal. There is an aspect of joining together for common purpose, although that purpose may not be immediately obvious at a level of day to day consciousness. That common soul purpose may be to lift each other into greater love and self-belief, to shed fear and open the heart, filling each individual soul with more holy fire for its personal passionate purpose.

You will have a sense when this process is happening. There will be a coming together of you with like minded souls who hail from all walks of life; and yet together, through some invisible genius, you will help each other. You may simply be dancing int eh same room, or singing in a group, attending a class or workshop, or just visiting the same beach or parkland, but at that moment there will be a sense of something coherent and nourishing happening at a far greater level.

The ‘trickle down’ effect into your personal life will be felt too – you will have more energy after spending time with these people, even if you don’t interact very much on a personal level beyond being in the same space. You will feel empowered to step forward on your path and love yourself with less conditions. You will become freer to shed your fears, let go of relationships based on fear and judgment, and open up to those more loving, responsive and inspiring to continue on your personal journey in increasingly profound ways.


This oracle has come to you because you are part of a greater sacred convergence happening now. Perhaps you have already sensed its progression, or perhaps it will not be obvious to you, but the effect – whether obvious or subtle – will be important to your soul development and divine awakening. You are being asked to drop defenses and barriers towards groups of people that feel good for you. However, those that dampen your spirits or drag you down are to be dispensed with – no matter what games of blame or manipulation they may play to keep you coming back for more! No, that shall not do for your soul growth now. Just step away! Turn towards those connections that feel nourishing to your soul, and learn to share yourself without fear. Just be. You do not have to force the planets to spin, nor the great cycles of the soul to happen. All that is required is that you show up for what is offered to you now. Do your part. Take your steps. Dance, sing and be, and allow the gifts of sacred connection to change your world, for this is the spiritual gift presented to you now.

This oracle comes with a special message. Perhaps you have been thinking about shedding lower vibrational connections based in the ego world of power games, sabotage, manipulation and fear. Perhaps you have already begun this process, or even shed so many you are fearing you might have ‘over pruned’ to be left with nothing and no one! Do not fear, feisty angel of love, your truth is prevailing. You cannot stay in a vibration of fear if you want to dwell in a vibration of love. 

Whilst you learn to sustain that vibration within you, until it cannot be rattled by any crisis or demand, you are wise to place yourself in more nourishing connections. If you want a plant to grow, why not give it the best soil and conditions in which to do so? Certainly, the plant of love can and will grow in the most inhospitable conditions, but it can be rather more joyful to grow in gentler, more nourishing conditions if possible.

This oracle comes to you with guidance that the possibility for more joyful relationships and growth of love within is in your power. You can choose – each day, each moment – just make a choice. Trust yourself, your discernment and your intuition and choose. You do not ow anyone anything.

Repeat this law of karma – you only owe love the chance to grow! So let that be your guiding principle now as you release the old, and trust that even if your garden of relationship becomes sparse for a while, you have been cutting back unhealthy plants to allow for new life to flourish. It is only a matter of timing for the season of new life and growth to come again. And so it shall, bringing with it sacred convergence of souls on the path of love, your soul tribe, your soul family, your new tribe of those journeying upon the path of love.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

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