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About Lexi


It is a blessing to die while we are still alive. 


Before any re-birth there must be death. 

A “death” without dying is a letting go of what you knew or thought to be “You.” It is a shedding of old ways, habits, cycles, beliefs. It may feel scary to the mind. How painful it may seem, to let go of what you once knew and thought was You. 

We are unconsciously conditioned to form an identity at a very young age and are filled to the brim with beliefs that we did not even choose, like how we should act, what we should do, what is right and wrong, what defines success and what does not. Who created these concepts and who convinced us to agree with them? Have you ever took a moment to question why you are the way you are, and if you truly believe the things you believe? 

Even while in the womb space and in life times prior we are impacted by parental, ancestral, and energetic traumas and wounds. 


This life is our opportunity to transcend limiting conditions, to end the cycles of suffering, to empower ourselves and simultaneously empower the collective.

As we dive deep into our shadow parts, release the luggage of what we are not and embrace all of ourselves fully we may embody our divine birthright and REMEMBER who we are and why we are here. As we die we make space for a rebirth. For new-beginnings, opportunities and blessings to enter our lives. Dying while you are still alive is one of the greatest blessings. 


Lexi’s mission is to guide you through the death and rebirth process in a gentle way through ancient healing modalities and divine feminine embodiment practices.  


Lexi utilizes plant medicines, movement, energy work, mantra, the elements and sound to facilitate profound transformation. She believes that you are your own medicine and no one can heal you but your Self. She provides a safe container and guidance so that you may take a deep dive within to heal, embrace, alchemize and RISE. 


Lexi has studied Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, herbalism, shamanism, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Ju Jitsu, Karate, Dance, permaculture around the world and worked on a holistic health center in Portugal and a Cacao Farm and Ceremonial center in Costa Rica. 


Lexi offers a wide range of one on one offerings that combine the wisdom of these ancient practices and philosophies in conjunction with channeled intuition all tailored to each individual.


The psychotropic, psilocybin is near and dear to her heart. 

Lexi had struggled deeply with depression, anxiety, addiction and ptsd. She numbed her self with drugs and alcohol, until one day she made the choice to rise into her power. She cried out for support from God, her ancestors, and spirit guides and she is guided every moment. 

With the consistent guidance of micro dosing psilocybin along with studying scripture, non-dualism, sensual embodiment practices, forgiveness and a deep dive into her fears she was able to transform addictive, destructive habits and dis-ease into pure Love.

Lexi has studied plant medicine and experienced many plant medicine ceremonies that have supported her in a profound remembering. She is now an advocate for mushroom medicine and holds sacred space for mushroom ceremonies on Long Island and Costa Rica.

Lexi is now free from addictive patterns, habits and thoughts, and immersed in Love.

Her purpose is to remind everyone of their innate wisdom and purpose, to encourage you to step into your power- even if it scares the shit out of you- so that we may all rise together as one. 

We all deserve to wake up, to be liberated, free and simply enjoy this life fully.

The time is now, we are the ones we have been waiting for. 

Let love Move you   Song: Highlights  By James Vincent McMorrow
Alexis Mucci
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