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Earth, Moon & Sun


February 29th - March 11th 2024


Spiritualize your Life

This retreat is intended to harmonize spiritual depth and the purity of playfulness. On this journey we will engage in daily spiritual practices to cultivate discipline and consistency.We will dive deep into ancient knowledge to offer greater understanding of ourselves and the world. 

Supported by the beautiful "Land of Smiles" Thailand, we will explore the culture and landscape to embrace the wonder and beauty of the natural world. With wisdom to nourish the mind, delicious healthy food to nourish the body and conscious community, we may uplift ourselves to the highest joy possible. 


Explore Thailand

Morning Rituals

Silence, Yoga, meditation, self-inquiry & Satsang.


Activities and Workshops:

Ecstatic Dance, Thai-cooking class, Herbal Steam, Mud Bath, Kirtan, Cacao Intention setting, Karma Workshop​, Bhakti Yoga, Embodiment, Sacred Rage, Earth Medicine, Purple Love, Giving back to the local elementary school!!


Buddhist temples, Hot springs, Local caves, Hikes, Waterfalls, meeting Elephants, City trips, Markets, Optional Sacred Thai Tattoo 



Maladhara Eco Resort 
Chiang Mai 


Buddhism temple in the North of Thailand

This is an ALL inclusive retreat! 

Once you arrive in Thailand, everything is taken care of for you.


What's included?

-One of our team members will be flying with a group to Thailand from New York so you wont have to fly alone.

-Transportation to and from Chiang Mai  airoport. (Our team will be awaiting your arrival in Thailand to welcome you!)

-3 vegan Thai meals a day.

-Excursions to waterfalls, hikes, hot springs, temples, caves, markets, local shopping and the city.

-Tribal village and rescued elephant adventure.

-Give back to a local elementary school!

-Guided Yoga & meditation daily.

-Dharma talks, workshops, ecstatic dance.

-A one hour traditional Thai Massage.

-Beautiful accommodations for 12 days and 11 nights!

-2 Herbal Steam Cave group experiences, create your own edible body scrub.

-Authentic Thai Cooking Class.






With outdoor bathroom




2 beds & bathroom



Private Deluxe Sweet





With private bathroom

$2,999 (Only 2 left!) 


A phone call consultation is required before signing up to ensure your alignment with this retreat, ask questions and connect!

Leave your non-refundable deposit of $444 here to save your spot: 

Any questions: 


Davey Joe Bonessi

Davey Joe has been a devoted yogi for over 7 years, enriched by the grace of multiple teachers of multiple traditions including Tantric and Bhakti.

He found a deep healing through the studies of non duality and has remedied in a thorough and profound way the seemingly dismal relief from manic depression, anxiety, anger, and self destructive behavior. 

Davey Joe offers the way of the sun by guiding us to tap into the universal light within all. Through knowledge and self-inquiry a state of presence and innate joy is realized as our natural state.


Lexi Mucci

Lexi is a fierce earth mama and is the embodiment of Love. Her presence oozes with divine grace and she infuses everything she creates with this magic. Her peers refer to her as a medicine woman, cacao priestess, Fire dance Goddess and the Queen of microdosing.

Lexis background is rooted in ancient earth wisdom, shamanism and yogic philosophy. She is committed to supporting all beings in awakening to their divine truth and highest potential. 

Lexi embodies the way of the Earth by guiding us to re-connect with our bodies and inner-child through embodiment, rituals, dance, self-love and vulnerability. 

About the Facilitators: 


Together, Lexi & Davey combine their ways as a bridge between the Sun and the Earth; the Moon.


Moon work is bringing light to the dark places inside; hidden emotions, traumas, habits and patterns- so that we may be truly liberated.


In this retreat we go deep within to heal and embrace the aspects of our self we have been suppressing, and meet our entire being with love and compassion.


Through spiritual realizations, we come to see that having a deep devotion toward the divine presence throughout the universe directly relates to our joy, clarity and sense of purpose.



Sunshine is able to connect with you in a way that makes you feel safe, heard and understood. She allows you to speak your truth with no judgment.  She is all about self love and connecting you to your inner light on a completely different dimension.

Sunshine’s workshops consist of all different topics and how we can learn to love ourselves. She also teaches us how to become conscious on how we react to situations from our heart space instead of our fears. Sunshine offers her knowledge and experience in a simple, easy to understand way with fun and unconditional love. When you experience any of her offerings especially her Violet Flame Energy Healing (Purple Love) you leave shifted, activated, balanced and completely at peace and in love with exactly who you are. She believes we are all here to nourish and inspire each other! One beautiful soul at a time!

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