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one-on-one healings

1:1 Offerings

Sliding scale $111- $222 for 60mins

Package of 5 select offerings: $444 

Energy Healing

Lexi has been certified in Reiki Energy Healing and holds one on one reiki sessions to transmute and alchemize all dis-ease in a peaceful, safe space. Lexi's Reiki practice includes ancient Natice American practices from shamanism, Ayurveda, sound, crystals and herbalism for a diverse and effective healing. 

Ayurvedic Consultations


Ayurveda: "The knowledge of life." Known as the sister science of Yoga. Over 5,000 year old medical practice from India. During these one on one sessions we discover your constitution and create a well rounded regimen to amplify your well-being in every aspect of your life. You get a meal plan, yoga, meditation and breath work practice, self-love rituals, and plant medicine to cultivate radical self-love and cleanse your life so you may live in alignment with your highest Self. 

Free phone call consultation to learn more. 

Private Fire Dance Ceremony & Herbal Medicine: 


This private fire dance ceremony is specially tailored for each client. Included before the first ceremony is a phone call consultation to discuss individual intentions and goals. Lexi creates an herbal medicine regime (tea infusion, micro dose cacao elixir, hapè, and/or smoke blend) based on the discussion to support your epic transformation journey and sets up a sacred space to go deep within.


During this session you will cultivate skills with particular props of interest, learn safety protocols, develop performance skills and learn how to become a professional fire performer. You will also develop a loving awareness to create shifts in your life, gain clarity on your purpose and step fully into the sovereign being you truly are.

Thai Body Work: 

Thai body work is a massage modality from Thailand, that involved using hands, feet, finger, forearms to manipulate, stretch, compress and massage the receivers body.


During a session you will experience deep relaxation, tension release, and pain relief. I work with you to help your flexibility, find the source of your pain, and release trigger points. Clients feel flexible, stretched, nurtured, and an overall sense of well being when the session is over. 

Yoga Private: 

A yoga emersion designed specifically for your constitution- dosha. This class includes breathwork, movement, massage, adjustments, meditation and sounds healing. This yoga private is created for your specific goals and intentions, to heal the body, mind and spirit. 



1:1 Sessions

Each of these offerings will invite you deeper within your Self to get honest, heal & alchemize your Life into your most wild & limitless potential. 


Fire Dancing

Dancing with fire is a spiritual & empowering experience; providing us with the opportunity to dance with our fears, step into our power and embrace our authentic expression.

Tropical Leaves

herbal medicine

Herbs offer potent medicine and should be honored & used with respect, integrity and intention. 


Cacao ceremonies

Learn how to hold Cacao ceremonies and provide a sacred space for attendees.

Thai Body Work
Reiki Healing
Ayurvedic 1:1
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