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Mushroom Ceremonies


Private: $888 

Group: $222pp 7:30pm-8:30am

(time & prices may vary)


Group & private ceremonies led by Davey Joe & Lexi Mucci. Live music throughout the night by Davey Joe. Energy healing, smudging and medicine made by Lexi Mucci.


Plant medicine should be honored & used with respect, integrity and intention. 


Ceremonies provide a safe sacred space to go deep into the medicine to listen to their wisdom. Entheogen medicine may provide great clarity and insight into aspects of your life and daily habits that need to shift. They are a tool of transformation. You choose how deep you want to go with 3 opportunities to take medicine throughout the night as we sit in silence and tune into the wisdom of the earth. 


Camping gear is required for outdoor events! We rise in the morning with music, tea, fruits and a sharing circle with integration guidance. 


Integration phone calls are included for all participants. 


Mush Mentoring:


1 month of integration support for before or after large ceremonies OR guidance for beginning your journey. 

Includes $50 off a monthly subscription 

& 3 one hour meetings (in person or over zoom) + text. 


Lexi believes that integration is the most important part of participating in ceremonies. The integration before or after the ceremony allows you to embody the medicines offerings and create lasting shifts in your life. The integration support includes up to 6 thirty minute or 3 one hour sessions in person or over zoom.

For Specialized Micro-Dose Guidance & Support 

Medicine Menu:


Every order comes with a FREE consultation & FREE integration phone call to get you started on your sacred healing journey in an intentional way.


Place your order through



Instagram: @tigers.eye.1111 

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1:1 Sessions

Each of these offerings will invite you deeper within your Self to get honest, heal & alchemize your Life into your most wild & limitless potential. 


Fire Dancing

Dancing with fire is a spiritual & empowering experience; providing us with the opportunity to dance with our fears, step into our power and embrace our authentic expression.

Tropical Leaves

herbal medicine

Herbs offer potent medicine and should be honored & used with respect, integrity and intention. 


Cacao ceremonies

Learn how to hold Cacao ceremonies and provide a sacred space for attendees.

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