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The shifting of seasons is a time to reflect on the season that has passed, to give thanks to what is, what was and what will be.

A time to honor the shifts that take place within you and be present with what arises.

As my solar return approaches, I sit with my tea and green sparkly mat (that has no other purpose than to be beautiful and have something sit on it) and I reflect on this year;

the most potent and transformational year of my life thus far. A year and a half ago I made the decision to be the creator of this life- rather than being a puppet to societal & ancestral conditioning.

The sacrifice I made felt huge at the time- releasing addictions, relationships, attachments, jobs, opportunities and so on in such a short amount of time because I chose to SURRENDER- To the guidance of the divine with NO HESITATION.

This was the best decision I have ever made.

As I let go of these habits, people, places, and drugs I made space for purpose, clarity and more abundance than I could have ever imagined possible.

If you are looking for a SIGN to release that thing you are addicted to (even if it's a person) then THIS IS IT. Do not fear the unknown. Do not even hesitate.

✨Trust the guidance of your Soul

If you don't already know I offer one on one counseling with MUSHROOM SUPPORT!

✨We create a micro dose program for you, with a full ayurvedic regimen; movement, breath work, meal plans, massage and energy work

✨We work together in increments of a month to transform limiting habits and belief systems into ABUNDANCE💦

Abundance in the form of SELF LOVE, money, infinite expansion, embodiment of truth and LIBERATION🌹

If you are READY to release addiction and embody your highest potential, than message me and we will set up a phone call

It don't matta if you don't have the money right now-DM ME.

There is no more time to waste, if you are ready- than answer the call

Trust & Remember-

You are already abundant.

You are already THAT.

& You are WORTH IT✨

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