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Entheogenic Medicine

Entheogen’s have been a great catalyst for the awakening of our species.

The awareness of ancient, healing entheogen sacraments has grown greatly & the therapeutic process of these powerful journeys are providing incredible benefits to people.

Entheogens or psychoactive substances- should be consumed with intention & the utmost respect with focus on how one integrates the experience into their lives following the ceremony.

Mushrooms like lion’s mane, chaga, reishi & cordyceps (all in our magic truffles/ micro-doses) may support focus, enhance mood, memory and are preventative medicine for the brain.

Beyond enhancing our brains day to day functioning & ability to process and store information- mushrooms also have the potential to help treat depression, anxiety, ptsd, addiction, dementia and other forms of neuropathies.

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms activate neurogenesis in the brain- supporting the brains ability to re-wire itself by creating new neural pathways, synapses, & connecting brain regions that don't usually communicate.

Most people who experience a “deep dive ceremony” or large dose report having life-changing or intense spiritual expierencs.

I believe the integration process is essential to embodying the wisdom of the mushrooms that is brought into our conscious awareness during a macro dose experience.

Integration is how we may fully harness the maximum healing and transformational properties from this deep process.

We offer free integration sessions for every one after each deep dive ceremony at any point.

Those who micro dose (.1-.2) consistently also receive a magnitude of benefits in a more gentle way in a longer span of time.

Read my blog "My Mushroom Journey" for my personal experience using mushrooms and the transformation that took place with their support.

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