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Womb Awakening

The womb is a Divine portal that connects spiritual and physical. The portal in which we all came to be on to this magical Earth.

The womb is the source of your infinite power and creative energy.

Through activating the womb and healing the womb space we may connect with the parts of ourselves that have been suppressed for far too long and reconnect with the innate, primal wisdom within.

Consciously connecting to the womb can activate creativity, purpose, gifts, intuition and truth.

The womb can subconsciously hold trauma, pain and suppressed emotions.

Often the pains held in the womb are beyond our own experiences. We may carry the collective feminine wounds, the wounds of our ancestors and the wounds of the earth.

Spend time massaging your womb, breathing with her, speak sweet messages of Love to her, touch yourself intentionally and slowly. Make weird sounds, purr, scream, growl, cry, sing, release- whatever allows you to feel all that has been suppressed. Allow yourself to feel it all and love every moment of this divine release.

When we heal, love and nurture our selves we are healing, loving and nurturing the collective.

I believe we all have an energetic womb space, so no matter what gender- you can connect with your power source through your energetic womb.

The womb holds the key to reawaken us to our deep feminine power.

This feminine power is rising within all and is so necessary now, to bring our Earth into harmony and our societies into balance and Love.

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